The Farmers Fast Five : Nicky Berger

Today we talk to Nicky Berger of GrassFed in the City. Find them on Facebook!

1.How long have you been farming?

I grew up on farm with Mum and Dad (which meant I had completely romanticised farming life). I’ve been farming with Dan for 15 years, though some years I’ve worked harder than others….

2. What sort of farming were/are you involved in?

We are sheep and beef farmers, both breeding and fattening. A lot of our land is leased, so we farm in a few different places around the Kaipara.

3.What makes you proud to be a farmer?

Farmers have such purpose!!! We grow things – we produce a product that tastes great, that connects us to one another, and that helps people thrive. How awesome is that!

4.What do you love about your job as a farmer?

  1. Mothering on an orphan lamb to a ewe that’s lost a lamb. It’s blimmin' rewarding watching them head out of the shed and into the paddock side by side.

  2. GrassFed in the City – Clare Dill and I started a Facebook page in 2017 to better connect farmers with non-farmers. It’s a great platform to connect with people interested in how we produce red meat in New Zealand

5.What advice would you give the next generation of farmers?

  1. Learn to spot the cycles.

  2. Choose carefully who you get to spend your life with.

  3. Do yoga. You might feel invincible, but you’ll start to wear out one day too.

#ProudtobeaFarmer #Grassfed

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