Farmers Fast Five: Cam Booker

Farmers Fast Five: Where we ask farmers five quick questions about farming, and what agriculture means to them. Today we talk to Cam Booker, owner of Grown - producers and growers of fresh fruit and vegetables for Canterbury Farmers Markets.

1. How long have you been farming? I grew up on a farm, studied agriculture and horticulture at Lincoln University then worked with vegetable farmers for 10 years with a vegetable seed company and have been growing vegetables for 14 years, 11 of which have been solely for farmers markets


2. What sort of farming are you involved in? I grew up on a dairy farm which switched to horticulture in my last two years of secondary school. After studying agriculture and horticulture at Lincoln University I went on to work for a commercial vegetable seed company for 10 years. In that role I worked with commercial vegetable growers and processors. Following that we have been growing fruit and vegetables ourselves.

3. What makes you proud to be a farmer? We are proud to be able to supply directly to consumers truely fresh and locally grown fruit and vegetables. As with most farmers we are passionate about what we do, and are proud to be able to tell our customers that our family has grown the fruit and vegetables they have purchased from us.

4. What do you've about your job as a farmer? I love working outside and being able to see the fruits of my labour (excuse the pun) and then hearing the great feed back from customers when they get to purchase fresh and direct from our farm. I love the challenges that farming throws at us, no day is the same and everyday I can take something positive out of it. Dealing direct with the end consumers in our business is quite unique and immensely satisfying when you get great feed back about your passion.

5. What advice would you give the next generation of farmers? If you’re passionate about the land and producing products from the land then farming is a great career option that will challenge you in an ever changing environment. With the introduction of new technology and sustainable practices the future of farming will be interesting and varied and will provide exciting opportunities.

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